Totally Cuckoo

Shoot your own Cuckoo movie in a morning


A special opportunity to film the Cuckoo up close from a hide and capture both the beauty and the intriuging alien quality of these characterful birds.

The wildlife experience

We'll meet up just after dawn and proceed to a special location on private land near York. After a quick run through to introduce you to the equipment, we'll await our first sighting of the Cuckoo. As well as filming some stunning close ups, we'll also work on getting some jaw-dropping slow motion flight shots.

For the second part of the experience we'll review your footage and edit together a dramatic wildlife short film. I'll talk you through the techniques for editing the large volume of slow motion footage you'll have shot, and bringing the most striking moments to the fore. We'll build a narrative and assemble your various shots in a compelling short film. I'll send you the finished edit of your Cuckoo movie at the end of the day.

Throughout the experience, I'll be on hand to provide my guidance and expertise for filming and editing. I'll take care of the technical aspects of using the kit, so you can concentrate on enjoying the wildlife and capturing amazing shots of these beautiful birds.

This is a half-day, hide-based experience that is a little different to Film Nature's other Cuckoo based experience, Going Cuckoo, which will not offer quite the same opportunities of close ups but gives more potential to capture a Cuckoo in its territory and broader environment in a day-long experience. Please drop me a line if you'd like to discuss which experience will suit you better.

Practical stuff

  • This experience will suit anyone interested in filming wildlife. You don't need any prior film making or bird watching expertise to enjoy this day

  • The Cuckoos are of course wild birds so some patience is required and we may have to wait some time between opportunities to film them

  • We'll be working from a portable hide, so you'll need to be comfortable in adequate but certainly not spacious conditions. Please check with us if you're particularly tall (6'3"+) or broad, and might struggle to perch on a camping chair

  • This experience is suitable for over 18s only

  • Check the Terms and Conditions before booking

What's included

  • 1 to 1 guidance and tuition for the half-day

  • Top of the line phonescoping equipment to film and edit the birds

  • Your finished Cuckoo film ready to take away, share or post on your social media


What you need to bring

  • Binoculars if you have them

  • Wellies/boots - paths can be muddy

  • Warm clothing - we'll be sitting still for much of the day, so bring lots of warm layers and double up on the thick socks if the weather is cold!

  • Hot drink

Location and timings

  • We'll be using a special location on private land near York

  • Start time will be confirmed after booking, but note that it will be close to dawn and therefore a very early start!

Nature and the weather can be unpredictable

  • Please note that this tour may be cancelled at short notice if necessary. If the weather forecast is looking poor, we will not go ahead. This experience is dependent on wild birds and in exceptional circumstances we may not be able to proceed if they aren't present on the site

  • Always check for email confirmation the night before an experience, and if you'd like to get in touch at any point please do so

  • If we are unable to proceed for any reason, Film Nature will offer alternative dates and/or experiences. In the event of a complete washout we can offer priority booking for next year!

Price and Booking

The cost of this experience will be £170. Please drop me a line if you have any questions about this experience.