Fantasic Flycatchers

Film fabulous flycatchers in your own nature movie

Spring and Summer

You will spend the day filming small birds with big characters: flycatchers! This experience is a great way to get to know our fantastic 3 migratory flycatchers: the Redstart, Pied Flycatcher and our Film Nature favourite - the Spotted Flycatcher.

The wildlife experience

An early start in the beautiful Washburn Valley will give us the opportunity to visit a number sites with the aim of filming gorgeous flycatcher species. These include the stunning Redstart, the striking Pied Flycatcher and the increasingly rare but charming Spotted Flycatcher. We'll film the flycatchers at the nest, using special remote photography techniques so that we can capture the birds bringing in food for their young without any disturbance to them. We may concentrate on just one flycatcher species, depending on timing of nesting and access to the birds. If you have a preference, drop us a line and we can discuss when will be the best time to book with us.

At lunchtime we'll begin the process of reviewing the footage you've shot. I'll guide you through an approach to selecting your best film clips and then building them into a narrative and an eye catching short film. I'll send you the finished edit of your flycatcher movie at the end of the day.

Throughout the experience I'll be on hand to provide my guidance and expertise for filming and editing. I'll take care of the technical aspects of using the kit, so you can concentrate on enjoying the wildlife and capturing amazing shots of these beautiful birds. The Washburn Valley is a great area for watching birds and we'll have a good chance of seeing (and possibly filming) other species such as Dippers, Woodpeckers and Kingfishers. If we're lucky, we might see the rare Wood Warbler, which has an incredible song.

This experience will suit anyone interested in filming wildlife. You don't need any prior film making or bird watching expertise to enjoy this day.

Practical stuff

  • This experience will require some walking as we explore the Washburn Valley, and we may cover a couple of miles with lots of stops for filming and birding

  • There will be some gentle hills. There will also be some sitting and standing around while we film the birds

  • This experience is suitable for over 18s only

  • Check the Terms and Conditions before booking

What's included

  • 1 to 1 guidance and tuition for the day

  • Top of the line phonescoping equipment to film and edit the birds

  • Your finished Flycatcher film ready to take away, share, or post on your social media

Spotted Flycatcher: a Film Nature favourite


What you need to bring

  • Wellies/boots - paths can be muddy

  • Waterproof clothing - we'll be sitting still some of the day, so bring some warm layers and waterproofs just in case! Please avoid bright colours. If its a scorcher, don't forget your sun hat and sunscreen!

  • Mask and hand gel if needed

  • Packed lunch

  • Drinks

Location and timings

  • We'll meet at 07:30 in the Washburn valley and transport will be provided for the day in that area

  • Pickup in the Leeds area may be possible - please enquire for more information

  • We'll aim to finish by around 16:00, but if the opportunities to film are good and the weather is kind we may stay out longer

Nature and the weather can be unpredictable

  • Please note that this experience may be cancelled at short notice if necessary. If the weather forecast is looking poor, we will not go ahead

  • This experience is highly dependent on (very careful) access to nesting birds. These are wild birds at the mercy of the rest of the ecosystem. Timings can change and nests can fail. Please be aware that we may need to reschedule the dates at short notice, or seek out alternative species to film

  • Always check for email confirmation the night before an experience, and if you'd like to get in touch at any point please do so

  • If we are unable to proceed for any reason, Film Nature will offer alternative dates and/or experiences. In the event of a complete washout we can offer priority booking for next year!

Supporting Conservation

I believe strongly in supporting the rare and scarce wildlife that we have a privilege to observe and film. Ecotourism can provide a significant building block in saving our threatened biodiversity. £30 from every Fantastic Flycatchers workshop will go towards active conservation work within the Washburn Valley to repair and boost biodiversity. I'll be delighted to tell you more about it on the workshop!


"Paul’s laid back, patient and explains everything clearly. Definitely recommended"

Mike, Tripadvisor, rated: Excellent *****


I'm delighted to be able advertise these workshops at an incredible introductory price of £120! Choose a date from the list below, or drop me a line to arrange another time.