Urban Peregrine Falcons

Spend a day with the urban Peregrines


Get up close and personal with the fastest animal in the world - the Peregrine Falcon. In recent years this species has made the city it's home and that's made it possible to experience this apex predator par excellence in a completely new and more accessible way. Join Paul on his home turf for a whole day of urban Peregrine watching and filmography in the peak week for Falcon action!

The wildlife experience

This is a Film Nature experience with a difference! Instead of exploring the countryside, we'll be spending the day in the heart of the city! This will be an easy going wildlife adventure following Leeds' famous Peregrine Falcons. With the aid of a powerful phonescoping setup, we'll observe and film these apex predators as they go about their day. You'll have the chance to observe the birds up close with 70x zoom as well as watch them soar above your head at a distance that just isn't usually possible out in the countryside. Your guide for the day lives locally and has followed these birds since they first arrived nearly 5 years ago. He will relay some incredible Peregrine stories such as the rescue of downed Peregrine juveniles.


One of the key filming targets for the day will be to capture some dramatic slow motion take offs, as the Falcons take to the air. We're also going to film a rarely seen experience, even for avid local Peregrine observers. Yes. we're going to film the fastest birds in the world mating! I bet you didn't expect that!

The day will be taken at a gentle pace during which we can take in the majestic beauty of these birds. We'll chat to passers by as we observe the Peregrines, both Falcon regulars and no doubt some people who will see a Peregrine for the first time - it's always a pleasure to see the reaction these birds provoke. And to break up the day we'll take in a hot lunch at an excellent Asian street food pop up that has a view out onto prime Peregrine perches.

Throughout the day I'll be on hand to provide my guidance and expertise for filming and editing. I'll can take care of the technical aspects of using the kit, so you can concentrate on enjoying the wildlife and capturing some amazing shots of these beautiful birds. At the end of the day we'll retire to a local cafe or pub and begin the process of reviewing the footage you've shot. I'll guide you through the process of selecting the best film clips and then building them into a narrative and an eye catching short film. I'll send you the finished edit of your Peregrine Falcon movie at the end of the day.


In ordinary conditions the Peregrines can be difficult to observe, with often long periods where they are out hunting. However, this experience is timed to take advantage of a short period in the Peregrine's nesting lifecycle that will provide almost guaranteed views throughout the day. Please note however that these wild birds can be unpredictable so we may have to alter the timing of this experience at short notice.

Practical stuff

  • This experience will suit anyone interested in filming wildlife. You do not need any prior film making or bird watching expertise to enjoy this day

  • This experience is suitable for over 18s only

  • There are nearby toilet facilties

What's included

  • 1 to 1 guidance and tuition for the day

  • Top of the line phonescoping equipment to film and edit the birds

  • A hot street food lunch in a local cafe

  • A drink in the pub/cafe at the end of the day

  • Your finished Peregrine Falcon film ready to post on your social media


What you need to bring

  • Warm clothing - we'll be outside for much of the day, so bring lots of warm layers and double up on the thick socks!

Location and timings

  • We'll be watching the Peregrines in the city of Leeds

  • Meet at 09:00. We'll aim to finish by around 16:00

  • Secure parking is available on request

Nature and the weather can be unpredictable

  • Please note that this tour may be cancelled at short notice if necessary. If the weather forecast is looking poor, we will not go ahead. This experience is dependent on wild birds and in exceptional circumstances we may not be able to proceed if they aren't present on the site

  • Always check for email confirmation the night before an experience, and if you'd like to get in touch at any point please do so

  • If we are unable to proceed for any reason, Film Nature will offer alternative dates and/or experiences. In the event of a complete washout we can offer priority booking for next year!