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The Washburn Flycatcher Project is engaging with local people and organisations in order to give nature a helping hand. We particularly want to support the Spotted Flycatcher and Common Redstart. These characteristic birds, particularly the red listed Spotted Flycatcher, have seen dramatic declines in the UK. The Washburn, however, still has a good flycatcher population and several pairs nest in the vicinity of Fewston Church, nearby gardens and woodland.

The project will focus on 3 key areas of conservation action:
1) Erect nestboxes that have been specially designed for these species
2) Perform surveys, collect sightings and ring flycatcher chicks in order to contribute data that can help us better understand and protect these birds
3) Increase biodiversity, particularly through the creation of wildflower meadows, in order to boost food availability for Flycatchers

We've set ourselves a real challenge and we need your help to make this project happen! Watch this space for details of how you can get involved when our Spotted Flycatchers return, all the way from Africa, to the Washburn Valley next May.