Wildlife filmmaking opens a window onto the hidden lives of wild animals, allowing us to observe their behaviour and beauty like never before. With Film Nature experiences I'm offering you the chance to make your own wildlife movie in a day. I'll provide all the local knowledge along with the photography kit and guidance on how to use it. Nature is unpredictable, but I carefully research the best locations giving us an excellent chance to see and film our target species. So you can enjoy an incredible day out, discovering the secret lives of our great British birds, butterflies, dragonflies and mammals.

I'm Paul, a naturalist and wildlife filmaker

Filming from a portable hide in preparation for my "Kingfishing" experiences

When I'm not leading wildlife experiences with Film Nature, you might find me volunteering at a local nature reserve, walking the countryside or keeping an eye on my local urban Peregrine Falcons. Here's some of the other nature related stuff I do:

  • You can follow me on twitter as @LeedsBirder to share in my wildlife experiences and all things nature related in the Leeds area.

  • You can check out my wildlife films here on Vimeo.

  • My other website has all sorts of hints and tips for phonescoping,

  • If my local Peregrines have breeding success, I run evening Peregrine walks (with talks) with my mate Les for various raptor charities. We raised £300 last year.

  • With friends and colleagues we're bringing the Michael Clegg charity birdrace to the Aire Valley in January 2022. Watch this space!


I'm passionate about nature and love helping people discover Yorkshire's wildlife. My films have been shown on primetime TV, most notably on BBC Springwatch.


Exploring the woodland of Yorkshire's upland valleys while researching my "Fabulous Flycatchers" experience.

What is phonescoping? Phonescoping involves connecting your mobile phone to a telescope or "spotting scope". This brings together the fantastic video capabilities of a modern smart phone with the 70x zoom of a scope. It's a win-win scenario, with the potential for capturing stunning results. Most people that see me phonescoping and see the resulting footage, are amazed that it was filmed on my mobile phone. A director of documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 once exclaimed on first seeing my film of a Peregrine Falcon: "You shot that on your phone? That's broadcast quality!"


This is my short film which made the Official Selection in the Get Smart Film Festival in 2019, and gives an impression of what phonescoping can do!


Phonescoping is perfect for a day long wildlife experience with a difference. Shooting nature footage on a phone makes it easy to review and edit footage without the need for lots of specialist equipment. You can edit in the field. The scope part of phonescoping means that you've got great optics and loads of zoom on offer. This means you can easily get close to the action without disturbing the wildlife. Whilst still photographers with SLRs need to get close to the subject, we can stand back and enjoy it without causing disturbance!

Join me on an eco-adventure and create your own wildlife movie with Film Nature